Visual Ada Developer (VAD)

.VAD is a gui builder that based on TCL/TK (Tools Command Language) and generate 100% system independed software, which portable to Windows, Unix(Linux),Os/2 and others tcl/tk and Ada supported platforms. What is you need,  it’s only to compile generated code on used platform. VAD is fully open system without black boxes. It has only four functions to TCL connection.
execute  - execute TCL script;
command – add ADA event handler to TCL handlers;
gettclvalue – save TCL variable value in ADA variable;
getparametervalue – save parameter value from TCL script (proc with parameters call into ADA variable.
With VAD you can

  • build an application with standard widgets set  :

       Toplevel, frame, button, radiobutton, checkbutton, menubutton, label, entry, listbox, canvas,       message, menu, item, scrollbox, scale, text.

  • Use wide widgets collection (bwidgets)

Button, Label, Entry, Listbox, ArrowButton, ProgressBar, MainFrame, LabelFrame, LabelEntry, TitleFrame, Dialog, ScrolledWindow, PanedWindow, ButtonBox, Notebook (page), Spinbox, Tree, MessageDLG, ProgressDLG, ScrollableFrame, ScrollView, PagesManager, PasswdDLG.